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Spotify goes social and takes on iTunes

Posted in Digital, News, Playlist by Generator on Wednesday 28th of April 2010

Internet music service Spotify have announced some major new features that will integrate the service with social networking sites in an attempt to dethrone iTunes as the definitive online music provider.

Users can now connect to their Facebook and Twitter accounts from Spotify, using the service to import profiles, friends and playlists from Facebook and to ‘tweet’ music choices direct from Spotify.

The strangely titled ‘Spotify Music Pro@ile’ will also allow users to import details of their desktop music library and to export playlists so that they can sync with Spotify's iPhone application and other mobile services.

Speaking to the Financial TimesSpotify owner Daniel Ek said: "We want to move people from the ownership model to the access model”. Ek added: "We know that this is a huge shift. People are used to owning music – but more and more people are becoming comfortable with accessing music and services in the cloud."

Spotify launched in October 2008 and now has a global user base of 7 million people, though it has struggled to convert people to a paying subscription model, with reportedly only 320,000 paying the $9.99 monthly subscription to access an ad-free, premium version of the service. Comparatively, Apple’s iTunes service currently has approximately 125m user accounts. The updated features of Spotify were made available to both free and premium members from 9 am on April 27th.

Have your say: Will these added features entice more users and premium subscribers to Spotify? Do you agree that more people are comfortable with streaming as opposed to ownership of music now? Is Spotify sustainable and could it even dethrone iTunes as an online music service?