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Words by Toby Rogers

Note to artists; if you want to get noticed there's nothing wrong with being brazen about it. Written a track called "Tipping Point"? Why the hell not? Descant Hawk have. You didn't think we'd miss that one did you? I don't know if they’ve done it on purpose, but it means I'm writing about it so, you know, fair play. But what, exactly, does a "Tipping Point" sound like? 

When I was a wee ‘un back in the eighties, I used to love a movie called Hawk The Slayer (Google it kids). It was your typical Tolkien-inspired swords and sorcery nonsense, but in the middle there was an incredible synth-driven chase scene. I haven't watched it in over twenty years, but the Golblin-esque electronica still sticks with me. Borrowing the atmospheric analogue synth sound that dominated eighties horror and fantasy flicks, Descant Hawk's "Tipping Point" is a lush slice of swirling ambience.

Apparently two guys called Jamie and Roddy, there's not a lot of info online about the band. They've got a great moniker, though, and that's more than enough. Far removed from their usual yearning acoustica, "Tipping Point" is a bold new direction for the duo. And it works. There's much more to Descant Hawk than meets the eye.

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