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Words by Ben Blackburn

Over the past year the South West region of our fair isles has given rise to several promising artists and bands, with the likes of Bos Angeles and Yoofs coming to mind, along with a definite label to watch in 2012, Art is Hard Records. However while the new music from the area has become synonymous with lo-fi, fuzzy guitar sounds, Blue Boats takes an altogether different tact with his sound, crafting tracks that are reminiscent of Washed Out tinged pop.

Blue Boats is the creation of Bournemouth based film student Olly Gale, who demonstrates the staggering level of quality it is possible to produce from the confines of your bedroom. Having only released three tracks online towards the latter end of last year, it is already clear to see that Gale has a thorough grasp on the instrumentation that is embedded within each of his tracks. ‘The Fear’ is drenched in an echoing reverb, which in turn exerts a wondrous sense of the ethereal, lulling the listening into a sense of security amongst the serenity of Gale’s own vocals and the delicate taps of a distant xylophone.

Today's tip comes courtesy of Joe Sparrow from A New Band A Day