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Words by Grant Brydon

With female vocalists very much the ‘in-thing’ right now, it inevitably becomes difficult to find someone that stands out from the crowd whilst retaining the quality of their contemporaries. Swedish born Fatima, who currently resides in East London, brings a completely different angle to this, with her London-twanged neo-soul EP, 'Follow You', which is available now on Eglo Records.

Fatima’s versatility as a vocalist sees her smoothly adapting her vocals to best fit the track she approaches; her smooth vocals are often followed by scatting or in places she lets a little more of her accent slip in, making for a compelling yet relaxing listening experience. This diversity has rewarded her, as can be demonstrated through her impressive list of collaborators including Shafiq Husayn (Sa-Ra), Dam Funk, Sctratcha DVA, Dorain Concept, Funkineven, Ras G, VeebeO and Teebs.

Whilst she takes her influence from the universe, citing herself as a ‘nomadic child of the cosmos,’ her music is very relatable and down-to-earth something that is demonstrated in the very simple visual for ‘Mind’ (directed by Shane Connolly) which sees her strolling through Ridley Road Market in Hackney fighting off the wind as she goes. First released during the hard times of rioting in London last year, the label released the track about clearing your mind to bring a more positive outlook to the area.

Production comes courtesy of label-mate Floatingpoints, who produced the entire EP, and here this laid-back jazz influenced production laced with a crashing hip-hop beat, wouldn’t seem out of place amongst the legendary Soulquarians collective responsible for many classic records by the likes of Common and Erykah Badu.

As a duo Fatima and Floatingpoints complement each other perfectly in providing an ethereal yet relatable experience, and if only they can emerge from the current influx of female vocalists positively, should certainly be ones to watch in the next couple of years.

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