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Words by Toby Rogers

I’m no stranger to dancing. I could regularly be found throwing shapes on the floor at Nation in Liverpool during my Uni days. Many weekends I’d be raving it up until six in the morning to Fatboy Slim, The Chemical Brothers, The Lo-Fidelity Allstars and Sasha (to name a few). I don’t think my knees could stand it anymore, though. Nowadays I prefer my electro a little more cerebral. Which makes Seams a perfect fit.

Music to meditate or trip out to, ‘Ebb’ is everything its name suggests. Like the scene in Human Traffic when Moff, Jip, Lulu and the crew hit the full heights of their ecstasy rush and a heavenly white backdrop replaces the intensity of their Cardiff club night, Seams makes blissful, ambient electronica that drips with serene beauty. Heavily influenced by The Orb’s seminal ambient dance album U.F.Orb, ‘Ebb’ is closer to the avant-garde end of modern classical music than the house, dubstep and hip-hop sound tracking the nation’s nightclubs.

The alter-ego of bedroom producer James Welch, Seams effortlessly blurs piano loops, synths, samples and bleeps like a sonic magician. A beautiful fusion of psychedelia, ambient techno and musique concrete, ‘Ebb’ is a stunning example of his talent in full flow. More composer than pop musician, Welch looks destined to lift British electronica to heights of creativity not realised since Paul and Phil Hartnoll released their era-defining masterpiece Orbital 2 back in 1993. Yes, he’s that good.